International (non-Erasmus) - Students

Defining your study plan

Your provisional study plan (or Learning Agreement) lists the courses you will take at UNIGE with their respective ECTS credits. In order to validate the credits obtained at the end of your exchange, this document must be signed by your university. Your final study plan can be defined once you are in Geneva.

ECTS credits
1 semester = 30 ECTS credits  / 
1 academic year = 60 ECTS credits
1 ECTS credit represents approximately 25-30 academic hours (including studying)

Establish your programme
Consult the course catalogue in order to establish your study plan. The course catalogue is updated during the summer. Your provisional study plan can be based on the previous year's catalogue.

Courses are offered annually or by semester. Check that courses are delivered during the desired semester.
A = autumn semester, from September to February
P = spring semester, from February to June
AN = Annual course

You can also visit the faculty websites:

Geneva School of Social Sciences
Faculty of Law
Faculty of Humanities (Exchange students at the Faculty of Humanities  obtain 4 ECTS per semester course, seminar or course-seminar)
Faculty of Translation and Interpreting
Faculty of Science
Global Studies Institute

Consult the list of restrictions

Final Study Plan
The course catalogue is published every year in August. Before your exchange, you should verify that the courses you have selected will be available.