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Geneva Summer Schools

The Geneva Summer Schools offer the possibility to study in English at the University of Geneva for a short term.

The Geneva Summer Schools offer a selection of short courses in a variety of subjects during the summer months.
Taught in English by faculty from UNIGE and international partner institutions, our high quality academic courses provide a global perspective on issues in the social sciences, the humanities, the sciences, and interdisciplinary fields.
In addition, students can choose to take French language classes at the university. Upon successful completion of their course, ECTS credits may be awarded.


EuroScholars is a unique research abroad programme designed for advanced and talented undergraduate students from US and Canadian institutions looking for an international research experience. The EuroScholars Program offers these students to conduct research at one of the 7 internationally renowned European Research Universities. In this programme, students have the opportunity to undertake one course in the classroom and then work under the direct supervision of professors and other academic staff on a specific academic research project chosen by both the student and the faculty. There are an abundance of academic research projects in a variety of fields to choose from within the participating universities.

EuroScholars is a once in a lifetime opportunity to for students to become familiar with the European academic culture and to investigate their potential in a future research career while enjoying the value of conducting research abroad as an undergraduate student.

The objectives of this programme are to give students the challenge of conducting original research at the cutting edge of human knowledge and promote interactions with scholars through immersion in the research environment. Students will learn about scientific reasoning, research methods, theoretical principles related to the research area, and scholarly communication. By finalizing the results of their research project into a paper of publishable quality, students will also improve their writing and presentation skills.