Come to Geneva

Why Geneva?

AN international University

Considered as the smallest of the large world capitals, Geneva is home to more than thirty international organisations such as the UN, the WTO, the WHO and the ILO, plus more than 300 NGOs and permanent missions of foreign states.

Geneva's multicultural environment is reflected in the University of Geneva’s student body (approximately a third of its students are foreign), and its strong international relations policy. UNIGE takes part in numerous agreements, networks and bi- and multilateral programmes such as Erasmus and Socrates.

These partnerships can take the form of student or teacher exchanges, research and joint programmes, participation in international events, etc.

the smallest of the large world capitals

Ideally situated close to renowned Alpine ski slopes, not far from the Mediterranean Sea and anchored in the heart of Europe, Geneva offers the rare advantage of being a cosmopolitan city of a relatively small size.

Traditional foods and music from all over the world converge here. Fans of green spaces can relax and find peace of mind in Geneva’s parks or on the lakeside.

Those keen on culture will be spoilt for choice in Geneva, thanks to several film festivals, its many concert halls and theatres, including one of the most prestigious  lyrical theatres in Europe. 

The University of Geneva takes an active part in this vibrant culture. Its film club and its choir both attract a sizeable audience. The vibrancy of the city can also be attributed to its many associations, representing the most diverse countries and interests, making it a true haven for the exchange of ideas and traditions.

A city located in the heart of Europe

Situated between the Alps and the Jura, at Switzerland’s and Lake Geneva’s southwesternmost point, Geneva is ideally located in the heart of Western Europe.

Its privileged geographic location makes the City of Calvin a hive of rich exchanges. This cosmopolitan city, the population of which encompasses more than 180 nationalities, is known worldwide for its tolerance and its open mindset.


Learn french

Geneva is situated in the French-speaking part of Switzerland. French is therefore the language of instruction at the University of Geneva, even though more and more Master's courses and continuing education programmes are taught through English.

Studying at the University of Geneva provides an excellent opportunity to learn the “language of Rousseau” (himself a citizen of Geneva) in a cosmopolitan city of a manageable size.

In order to provide its international students with the necessary language skills, UNIGE offers a selection of French classes for all levels at its Faculty of Humanities and at the École de langue et civilisation françaises.