Development cooperation

Development cooperation projects

UNIGE seeks to position itself as a central actor in the area of development cooperation, helping to narrow the gap between the university community and the world of politics. Its location in the city of Geneva, which is home to international organisations (IO), non-governmental organisations (NGOs) and permanent missions has allowed UNIGE to form close ties with International Geneva and to work with different actors on various development cooperation projects around the world.  

In 2012, the International Relations Office conducted a study to identify the various development cooperation projects in which members of the UNIGE academic community were involved (see opposite). The study revealed that UNIGE was involved in 157 development cooperation projects and that the total financial volume of those projects amounted to just under CHF 17 million. The vast majority of those funds come from various entities of the federal government. The faculties of medicine and science are strongly represented in these projects, but other UNIGE entities are also present.