List of OIs

  Organisations   Headquarter Website Internships
  UNO   New York United Nations Organization Internship
  CBD   Montreal Convention on Biological Diversity Internship
  CITES   Geneva Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora Internship
  CTBTO   Vienna Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization Internship
  FAO   Rome Food and Agriculture Organisation Internship
  HCHR (OHCHR)   Geneva High Commissioner on Human Rights Internship
  IAEA   Vienna International Atomic Energy Agency Internship
  ICAO   Montreal International Civil Aviation Organisation Internship
  ICJ   The Hague International Court of Justice Internship
  IFAD   Rome International Fund for Agricultural Development Internship
  ILO   Geneva International Labour Organisation Internship
  ICTY   The Hague International Criminal Tribunal for former Yugoslavia Internship
  IMF   Washington International Monetary Fund Internship
  IMO   London International Maritime Organization Internship
  UN-WOMEN   New York United Nations Entity for Gender Equality and the Empowerment of Women Internship
  IPCC   Geneva Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change  
  ISA   Kingston International Seabed Authority Internship
  ITC   Geneva International Trade Center Internship
  ITU   Geneva International Telecommunication Union Internship
  UNAIDS   Geneva UN joint Programme on HIV/AIDS Internship
  UNCCD   Bonn UN Convention to Combat Desertification Internship
  UNCTAD   Geneva UN Conference on Trade and Development Internship
  UNDP   New York UN Development Programme Internship
  UNEP   Nairobi UN Environment Programme Internship
  UNESCO   Paris UN Education, Science and Culture Organisation Internship
  UNFCCC   Bonn United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change Internship
  UNFPA   New York UN Population Fund Internship
  UN-HABITAT   Nairobi United Nations Human Settlements Programme Internship
  UNHCR   Geneva UN High Commissionner for Refugees Internship
  UNICEF   New York UN Children's Fund Internship
  UNICRI   Turin UN Interregional Crime and Justice Research Institute Internship
  UNIDIR   Geneva UN Institute for Disarmement Research Internship
  UNIDO   Vienna UN Industrial Development Organisation Internship
  UNITAR   Geneva UN Institute for Training and Research Internship
  UNODC   Vienna United Nations Office Drug and Crime Internship
  UNON   Nairobi United Nations Office at Nairobi Internship
  UNRISD   Geneva UN Research Institute for Social Development Internship
  UNRWA   Gaza UN Relief & Works Agency for Palestine Internship
  UNU   Tokyo United Nations University Internship
  UNV   Bonn United Nations Volunteers  
  UNWTO   Madrid World Tourism Organisation Internship
  UPU   Berne Union Postale Universelle Internship
  WFP   Rome World Food Programme Internship
  WHO   Geneva World Health Organisation Internship
  WIPO   Geneva World Intellectual Property Organisation Internship
  WMO   Geneva World Meteorological Organisation  
  World Bank   Washington World Bank Internship
    IBRD Washington International Bank for Reconstruction and Development  
    ICSID Washington International Centre for Settlement of Investment Disputes  
    IDA Washington International Development Association  
    IFC Washington International Finance Corporation  
    MIGA Washington Multilateral Investment Guarantee Agency  
  WTO   Geneva World Trade Organisation Internship
  ACWL   Geneva Advisory Centre on WTO Law  
  AfDB   Abidjan African Development Bank & Fund Internship
  AsDB   Manila Asian Development Bank & Fund Internship
  BIE   Paris Bureau International des expositions Internship
  BIPM   Paris-Sèvres Bureau International des Poids et Mesures  
  BIS   Basel Bank for International Settlements  
  CABI   Wallingford (UK) Centre for Agriculture and Biosience International  
  CCNR   Strasbourg Central Commission for the Navigation of the Rhine Internship
  CERN   Geneva European Laboratory for Nuclear Research Internship
  CIEC   Strasbourg Commission Internationale de l'Etat Civil  
  CoE   Strasbourg Council of Europe Internship
    CEB Paris Council of Europe Development Bank  
    ECHR Strasbourg European Court of Human Rights  
    EURIMAGES Strasbourg Council of Europe fund for the co-production, distribution and exhibition of European cinematographic works  
  EBRD   London European Bank for Reconstruction and Development Internship
  ECAC   Paris-Neuilly European Civil Aviation Conference  
  ECMWF   Reading (UK) European Centre for Medium-Range Weatherforecasts  
  EFTA   Geneva European Free Trade Agreement Internship
  EMBL   Heidelberg European Molecular Biology Laboratory Internship
  EMBO   Heidelberg European Molecular Biology Organisation Internship
  EPO   Munich European Patent Office Internship
  EPPO   Paris European and Mediterranean Plant Protection Organization  
  ESA   Paris European Space Agency Internship
  ESO   Munich European Southern Observatory Internship
  EUMETSAT   Darmstadt European Organisation for the Exploitation of meteo. Satellites Internship
  EUROCONTROL   Brussels European Organisation for the Safety of Air Navigation Internship
  IADB   Washington Inter-american Development Bank+Investment Corporation Internship
  ICAC   Washington International Cotton Advisory Committee  
  ICC   The Hague International Criminal Court Internship
  ICCO   London International Cocoa Organization  
  ICCROM   Rome International Centre for the Study of the Preservation and Restoration of Cultural Property Internship
  ICMPD   Vienna International Centre for Migration Policy Development Internship
  ICO   London International Coffee Organization  
  IDEA   Stockholm International Institute for Democracy and Electoral Assistance Internship
  IGC   London International Grains Council  
  IHFFC   Berne International Humanitarian Fact-Finding Commission  
  IIFIIR   Paris International Institute of Refrigeration Internship
  IMSO   London International Mobile Satellite Organization  
  INTERPOL   Lyon International Criminal Police Organization Internship
  IPU   Geneva Inter-Parliamentary Union Internship
  IOM   Geneva International Organisation for Migration Internship
  IRENA   Bonn The International Renewable Energy Agency Internship
  ISO   London International Sugar Organization  
  ITSO   Washington International Telecommunication Satellite Organization  
  ITTO   Yohokama International Tropical Timber Organisation  
  ICBL   Geneva International Campaign to Ban Landmines Internship
  OECD   Paris Org. for Economic Cooperation and Development Internship
    ECMT Paris European Conference of Ministers of Transport  
    IEA Paris International Energy Agency  
    NEA Paris Nuclear Energy Agency  
  OIE   Paris Office international des épizooties Internship
  OIF   Paris Organisation internationale de la Francophonie  
  OIML   Paris International Organization of Legal Metrology  
  OIV   Paris Office international de la vigne et du vin  
  OPCW   The Hague Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons Internship
  OSCE   Vienna Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe Internship
  OTIF   Berne Intergovernmental Organisation for International Carriage by Rail Internship
  PIC   Geneva Rotterdam Convention on the Pic Procedure for Certain Hazardous Chemicals and Pesticides in International Trade  
  POPs   Geneva Stockholm Convention on Persistent Organic Pollutants  
  UNIDROIT   Rome International Institute for the Unification of Private Law Internship
  WCO   Brussels World Customs Organisiation  
  WEF   Geneva World Economic Forum