Financial Aid

Boninchi Scholarships

To encourage student exchanges from the University of Geneva, the Ernest Boninchi Foundation awards several exchange scholarships to deserving students.


These scholarships are intended to promote academic stays abroad.

They are aimed at excellent students with Swiss citizenship, who are registered at the University of Geneva and will return to finish their studies here, and who could not complete their exchange project without financial support.

In order to apply for a scholarship, Bachelor's students must have completed three successful years at the University of Geneva, except in the case of valid, duly justified reasons; Master's students must have completed two successful years. PhD students do not need to have studied at UNIGE for any particular length of time. Priority is given to Master's students.

The exchange project must have a scientific research component. Students who are studying a language programme must take at least one elective non-language course to be eligible. Exchanges with the sole aim of learning or improving a foreign language are not eligible.



Requests for retroactive scholarships are no longer accepted.

Previous Boninchi scholarship recipients may not apply a second time.