Financial Aid

Submitting an application

Several documents must be included in your application. Incomplete applications will be rejected.

Required documents:

  • Online Registration form, which will include most of the information below
  • Letter of motivation
  • Detailed exchange project description with dates of stay (start, end)
  • Name of the UNIGE professor who will supervise the candidate during his/her exchange
  • Learning Agreement signed by the Academic Advisor or Departmental Exchange Coordinator (including details of the courses or programme to be followed at the host institution); for students who follow a language programme, the study plan must include at least one elective non-language course
  • Letter of Recommendation from a UNIGE professor exclusively, specific to the scholarship application, attesting to the quality of the project and the appropriateness of the host institution, addressed to the Boninchi Foundation.
  • Resume/Curriculum Vitae
  • Budget in Swiss francs, indicating all other sources of funding available or requested (please include all supporting documents. Example: copy of plane ticket, web references for the cost evaluation, a copy of your application at the host institution, etc.).
  • Academic transcripts (also for PhD students)
  • Status envisaged at the host institution (all preliminary steps for admission to the chosen programme or for acceptance by a supervising professor at the host institution must have been taken. For exchange programmes, a confirmation email from the exchange coordinator at the UNIGE International Afaires Office suffices.)
  • UNIGE registration certificate
  • Copy of identity card or passport
  • Supporting evidence for personal and parental finances (tax notice, a copy of salary certificate, etc.).

Three copies of the application must be sent to the following address:

Rectorate Assistant
University of Geneva
Uni Dufour
1211 Geneva 4
Tél. 022 379 75 36