Financial Aid

SEMP Scholarship (ex-Erasmus)

Students of the "Swiss-European Mobility programme" (ex-Erasmus) are automatically eligible for a scholarship, subject to certain conditions.


The "Swiss-European Mobility Programme" scholarships are awarded as part of Switzerland's "silent" participation in the European Union ERASMUS programme.

SEMP students are automatically eligible for exchange scholarships if they fulfill the following criteria:

  • Registration at the University of Geneva
  • Exchange abroad within the framework of a mobility agreement signed with the host university
  • Candidates must not have received SEMP (or Erasmus+) grant in the past 12 months for the same level of study (Bachelor's, Master's or Doctorate).

The amount of the scholarship is CHF 1,600.- for one semester and CHF 3,200.- for the year.

Please see the table of monthly scholarship amounts.

Exemption from registration fees

In order to promote exchanges, all exchange students are exempted from registration fees at UNIGE during their exchange, with the exception of the CHF 65 per-semester administrative fees.