Financial Aid

State Scholarships

The International affairs Office does not handle these Scholarships. They are managed by swissuniversities.


On behalf of the Swiss Confederation, swissuniversities awards scholarships provided by about 40 countries, intended for students from Switzerland.

The UNIGE International Affairs Office does not handle applications for these scholarships. However, if you remain registered at UNIGE during your stay abroad, please contact us to qualify for exemption from UNIGE registration fees.

Application forms can be requested from swissuniversities or, in some cases, downloaded from their website. Applications must be submitted to swissuniversities, unless otherwise indicated.

In return, Switzerland offers National Scholarships to foreign students coming to Switzerland.

swissuniverities itself has no funds allowing it to grant subsidies or loans.

All information can be found on the swissuniversities website.

It is strongly recommended to begin the application process about a year in advance; please consult the application deadlines published by swissuniversities.

Applications are subject to a selection process.

Some countries offer scholarships for Swiss students without passing through the swissuniversities programme. These offers are posted on the UNIGE events calendar.

Scholarships offered by the Canton of Geneva

Available only to students who are domiciled in the Canton of Geneva, or whose parents work in the Canton.

Note regarding National Scholarships offered by the Russian Federation

The Lomonosov Moscow State University does not accept applications for National Scholarships from the Russian Federation.

Interested persons are requested to apply for other Russian universities, or to inquire about the possibilities offered under the bilateral agreement between the Lomonosov Moscow State University and the University of Geneva.