Financial Aid

Zdenek Bakala Scholarship

The Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala awards scholarships to UNIGE students and researchers that allow them to conduct their studies at universities in the UK and the US.


The Fondation Zdenek et Michaela Bakala, Geneva, awards scholarships to students and researchers to give them the opportunity to study in renowned universities in the United States and United Kingdom, including but not limited to: Cambridge, Harvard, Oxford, Stanford and Yale.

The scholarship programme is open to students and post-doctoral researchers from various universities in French- and German-speaking Switzerland.

The scholarship is aimed at students and researchers who excel in academics but lack the financial means necessary to study abroad in prestigious institutions.

The money from the scholarship goes towards the payment of registration fees at the foreign university and/or living expenses in the host country. The annual budget of around CHF 200,000 is divided among between 5 and 10 scholarships of various amounts depending on the needs and types of studies of the selected candidates.

Studies abroad in any field may include:

  • a full Master's degree
  • one or more semesters as part of a Swiss Master's degree
  • a Doctorate
  • one or more semesters as part of a Swiss Doctorate



  • academic excellence
  • financial need
  • admission or pre-admission to the foreign university (to be obtained at a later date for the interview)
  • enrolment at a Swiss university (for at least the previous 3 years)
  • fiscal resident of Switzerland for the previous 5 years