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Where to get information

> The Exchange Info Desk (Guichet Mobilité)

The Info Desk is the gateway to academic exchanges and will help answer general questions regarding your exchange.
Its goal is to advise and guide students who want to go on an exchange programme, and answers questions on:

  • The various exchange programmes (Erasmus, Coimbra, Institutional Agreements, etc.).
  • Scholarships, administrative procedures, registration procedures, etc.
  • Information and orientation on the choice of an exchange destination and the duration of an exchange.


> international affairs office

Support from the International Affairs Office is reserved for students enrolled at the UNIGE, who continue to be registered at the UNIGE during their stay abroad and who return to complete their diploma.

If you study abroad in the framework of an agreement or a programme managed by the International Relations Office, you can benefit from:

  • Simplified administrative procedures (no need to register abroad)
  • Pay only CHF 65 -. administrative fees at the University of Geneva and be exempt from fees at the host university
  • Exchange scholarships in some cases (mainly Erasmus)
  • Access to targeted support at the host university (administrative information, access to accommodation, social and cultural activities, language courses for free or at reduced prices, etc.).

Academic matters (study plan/ Learning Agreement, authorised exchange period, etc.) are to be arranged directly with the Academic Advisor responsible for your exchange at your faculty.


> International day

The International Day takes place every year in mid-October. It is a great way to learn about opportunities abroad.
Organised by the International Affairs Office, this event informs you about the exchange possibilities at many universities abroad.

In order to help you organise your exchange, the International Affairs Office presents the different exchange programmes, opportunities for financial aid and the procedure to enrol for an exchange.

Academic advisors from several faculties are also present at this event, answering academic related questions. Faculty-specific Exchange Information Sessions are held on the same day.