Study Abroad

Teacher Exchanges / Research / Staff

Semp and Agreements

Teachers from the University of Geneva are eligible for teaching exchanges (STA) at partner universities having signed a SEMP (or Erasmus) agreement. Staff are eligible for training exchanges.



The University of Geneva participates in several academic networks. Some of them offer opportunities for faculty exchange
Academic networks which the UNIGE participates in may facilitate faculty exchange and related projects by way of scholarships, simplified administrative procedures, etc.
Please consult the list of university networks which the UNIGE participates in.



Euresearch Geneva provides its services to researchers from the UNIGE and other Geneva institutions. Located within the UNIGE Research Office, Euresearch Geneva offers information, advice and support for EU research and innovation programmes, in collaboration with national and regional partners.
Please refer to the Euresearch website to learn more about exchange opportunities and funding for researchers at the University of Geneva.