Teacher Exchanges / Research / Staff

Institutional exchanges

UNIGE faculty members can benefit from agreements signed with other institutions outside SEMP (ex-Erasmus) program to facilitate teaching or research stays..


Like the SEMP (ex-Erasmus) program, outside SEMP collaboration agreements signed by the UNIGE offer opportunities of stays abroad for teachers and researchers. Possibilities and conditions vary depending on the details of each agreement.

The University of Geneva has signed about 200 such agreements.

Please consult the Database of exchange opportunities, indicating “Yes” in the section labelled “Common activities”.

The type of each agreement is specified in the database:

  • Sectorial Agreement linking a faculty to another faculty at another university.
  • Institutional Agreement binding two institutions and open to several faculties.


Non-SEMP (ex-Erasmus) faculty exchanges can be supported on a case-to-case basis..

Conditions and application procedures vary depending on the destination.

Please contact Ms Marisol Pedrosa for additional information.