Establishing an agreement

In order for a university-wide agreement with student exchange to be implemented, the request has to come from at least two entities within UNIGE. Otherwise, only an agreement specific to an entity shall be considered.

The request may be initiated by a Faculty member and must be supported by the Dean or the Director of the centre/institute. A request received directly from another institution may also be considered if there is sufficient interest within UNIGE. If you are a member of UNIGE and would like to request to establish a new agreement, please fill out the following form (attached) and return it to us by email.

 Please note that most international activities do not require a formal agreement. Unless student exchange, financial implications or intellectual property issues (such as sharing resources and data) are at stake, most research collaborations can be undertaken without an agreement. Generally, UNIGE does not sign collaboration agreements for isolated or short-term activities. Requests must be based on existing academic collaborations and solid, long-term perspectives with the other institution.

Negotiation and supervision of the signing process will be managed by IRPO. All agreements must follow the UNIGE Guideline on signatures. Generally, the UNIGE signatory for a university-wide agreement is the Rector or Vice-Rector in charge of international relations; for an entity-wide agreement, the Dean or Director will sign as well.

If the agreement entails student exchange, certain criteria need to be met by the other institution for the request to be taken into consideration. For further information, please consult the Procedure (attached).