Candidature process

The procedure includes several steps, which are listed below:

First steps

  1. Obtain the agreement of the two thesis advisors, who will then jointly supervise the dissertation work;
  2. Have thesis topic, as well as the cotutelle principle, approved by the relevant faculty at each institution;
  3. Apply for enrollment at the University of Geneva and at the partner university;
  4. Ask the International Relations and Partnerships Office (IRP) for the Cotutelle Application Form (also available here);
  5. Complete the Application Form, and send it back to cotutelle(at);
  6. The IRP will then review your Application Form.

Preparation of the Agreement

  1. Our office will amend the person in charge of the International Affairs in the partner university and send the agreement onto them;
  2. After obtaining the validation of the IRP, it is necessary to obtain the signatures. At the UNIGE, the IRP will obtain all the signatures, from the thesis advisor, then from the Dean and from the Rector;

Final step

Send to UNIGE a copy of the doctoral diploma once it has been issued by the partner University.