For over 100 years, Switzerland has been home to many international organisations. With its 39 international organisations, programmes, institutes and funds, over 400 NGOs, and 178 member states, Geneva could be considered the capital of multilateral diplomacy. Known as "International Geneva" for the role it plays as host city for international organisations, Geneva is the largest centre of negotiation and international cooperation in the world next to New York.

The University of Geneva is steeped in this international environment which is the defining trait of the city. For many years the university has been a respected and indispensable partner of "International Geneva". The many close ties and collaborations between the university and governmental and non-governmental international organisations (IOs/NGOs) have proven to be both invaluable assets and a distinguishing feature of our university.

At the University of Geneva, we aim to further strengthen and intensify our partnerships and privileged ties to IOs/NGOs and have therefore adopted an active policy to provide support to International Geneva, in addition to easier access to our scientific expertise.

To this end, the rectorate has set up a programme via its International Relations Office to bolster collaboration with IOs/NGOs. 

The objectives of the programme are to: 

  • Promote synergies and develop on-going collaboration between UNIGE and IOs/NGOs
  • Act as a permanent contact point amongst members of the academic community and "International Geneva"
  • Coordinate and follow-up on the various existing partnerships and projects
  • Support and encourage members of the academic community who wish to develop new forms of collaboration or further develop existing ones
  • Propose new collaboration projects and negotiate partnership agreements
  • Oversee and increase the number of internships at IOs/NGOs  offered to the top university students and priority partners
  • Maintain a regularly updated collaboration registry and disseminate information