Establishing an agreement

The International Relations & Partnership Office (SRIP) is in charge of establishing collaborative agreements for UNIGE and all its sub-entities. Members of the academic community who wish to develop such an agreement are kindly asked to contact our office, which will evaluate the project and, if successful, support its implementation.

Collaboration agreements with international organisations (IOs and NGOs) can take different forms, depending on the nature and scope of the collaboration in question. Agreements can take the form of legally binding contracts or simply MoUs. The International Affairs Office provides agreement templates in French and English (pre-approved by the university's legal service) which may considerably simplify the process. Furthermore, agreements must respect UNIGE's signature guidelines; signatures are handled by the International Affairs Office, which will also archive a copy of the document once it is signed (the original document is stored in the rectorate archives).

Members of the UNIGE academic community who wish to establish an agreement with an international organisation can contact the SRIP. The SRIP is also open to collaboration proposals from international organisations or NGOs.