Side event at UNECE RFSD 2023

Evidence-based approaches to the development of the Voluntary Local Reviews: experiences and best practices


The VNR-VLR Studio was organized by the UNECE Forests, Land and Housing Division in the framework of the UNECE - UNIGE Centre of Excellence on Smart Sustainable Cities and Sustainable urban Development.

At the event, local and national governments in the UNECE region discussed on (1) experiences with the processes of collection of local data for the development of the VLRs/smart sustainable cities profiles and VNRs; and (2) the use of the collected data for the evidence-based policymaking, for instance, for the development of city action plans, programmes and projects. Participants discussed how the evidence-based approach helps to accelerate achieving the SDGs on local level and support the improvement of the quality of life of people, especially vulnerable groups.


Two panel discussions were moderated respectively by Dr. Alexandre Hedjazi and Dr. Matteo Tarantino from the University of Geneva.



 UNIGE students were able to attend the entire UNECE RFSD 2023 as well as this side event.