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international geneva: JObs & careers

With hundreds of institutions and more than 28'000 employees, International Geneva actors offer a vast range of job opportunities. This portal gives you direct access to the main institutions jobs & careers pages.

Jobs, internships, volunteer opportunities CAGI

Visit the announcements published on the CAGI website, see the NGO Recuitment Platform (Job alert subscription available!)


Several announcements are published every week also by the Geneva Environment Network (GEN).

(You may also register for jobs/internships alert)


PANORAMA Of professions in international cooperation

The Eduki Foundation, in collaboration with the Geneva Department of Public Education, Culture and Sport - DIP, the city of Geneva and the Internatiol School of Geneva has set up the panorama of professions in international cooperation.


Are you looking for a job in an international organization or in the field of International Cooperation? International cooperation (IC) encompasses the activities of actors who support people in need and promote economic, social and cultural development throughout the world. Get an overview and find out about the people and organisations working in it.

CAReers, jobs and internships af the FDFA

The Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) offers a wide range of interesting positions in Switzerland and abroad.
The FDFA also offers an academic internship program in Switzerland and abroad.
The FDFA also provides support to Swiss nationals who wish to work at international organizations. The FDFA website provides a great deal of useful information about careers and internships with international organizations.


Internships and jobs with european institutions

For internships and positions with European institutions (EU and Council of Europe), visit the website on competitions, jobs, and internships in Europe.


CAReers & jobs at the united nations

For information about careers and jobs at the United Nations, visit this website: United Nations careers. For announcements about jobs, internship opportunities, and competitions, and to submit applications, use the Inspira platform.