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Workshop - Exploring the "Covid and Precarity in Comparative Perspective"

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In a collaborative effort, the University of Geneva and the University of Milan organized a workshop on September 27, 2023. Led by Prof. Marco Giugni, the event delved into the multifaceted impacts of Covid-19 on vulnerable communities in European countries. 

Ten participants from Milan contributed to the discussion, covering a spectrum of pertinent topics. These included examinations such as "Precarity among unaccompanied minors in Italy", "Precarious lives of Italian workers in the German care sector","The experience of Ukrainian caregivers in Italy", and “Italian high-skilled migrants in UK”, etc. Additionally, Prof. Jean-Cassien Billier from Sorbonne University, joined the discussion virtually as a keynote speaker. 

This workshop serves as a collective advancement of the 4EU+ Alliance, setting the stage for forth coming summer schools and a joint master's program. The next workshop is planned for the spring of 2024, in Milan.  

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