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A successful Wrap-Up of the 2023 4EU+ Annual Meeting

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From November 7th to 9th, 2023, the 4EU+ community gathered at the University of Milan for the Annual Meeting, united by the theme #BuildingBridges – Becoming One European University. 

The event aimed to encapsulate the Alliance's past endeavors while strategically planning for 2025-2035. The comprehensive programme featured crucial meetings of governing bodies such as the Governing Board, Management Committee, Academic Council, TRAIN4EU+ Project Steering Committee, Flagship Program Coordinators team, and various working groups. The event also livestreamed open sessions on YouTube, inviting partners, citizens, and stakeholders to participate in the discussions. 

Since joining the 4EU+ European University Alliance in 2022, the University of Geneva has actively collaborated with seven other member universities across Europe, fostering an interuniversity campus that bridges communities and disciplines in research, education, and societal service. This year, 15 delegates from UNIGE -including the rector, vice-rector, academic and administrative staff, and student representatives -participated in the event, fostering fruitful exchanges with their counterparts. 

A heartfelt "Grazie" to the University of Milan for hosting us, and we look forward to the next gathering at the University of Warsaw in 2024! 

Stay tuned for more updates and collaborative milestones from the 4EU+ Alliance. 

13-11-2023 10:22:08