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Today, young generations face ever-growing challenges – the decline of job security, the concentration of wealth, the prevalence of fake news, the aggravating climate change and so on. These challenges compel human beings to consider their very existence, which lies at the heart of the 4EU+ identity: 


“4EU+ is committed to addressing these issues and to guiding its students in shaping a better future for Europeby equipping them with an interdisciplinary skill set to solve complex social issues. 


Therefore, 8 universities partner together to share a wealth of academic resources, design programs that encompass interdisciplinary studies and offer engaging challenge-based education. As a student, this means you will transcend boundaries beyond UNIGE, studying on-campus or virtually across these esteemed institutionsYou will also explora wide range of subjects, tackle real-world challenges, and ultimately earn a certificate or diploma that sets you apart.  

Now, join 4EU+ to level up your educational growth and unleash your potential as a future leader that drives positive change!  



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