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LERU is an association of 23 leading research-intensive universities that share the values of high-quality teaching within an environment of internationally competitive research. Founded in 2002, the League aims to advocate the values of these universities, influence European policy and develop best practice through the mutual exchange of experience.

LERU's activities are undertaken at the request of the Rectors' Assembly. They are implemented by groups composed of representatives from member universities. LERU also publishes joint documents and research papers written by representatives of its member universities.

UNIGE LERU representatives
(as of 30 September 2022)

Groupe LERU Contact @ UNIGE
Rectors Assembly (RA) Yves Flückiger
Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products
Karl-Heinz Krause

Advanced Therapeutic Medicinal Products

Gabriele Thumann
AI Legal Team Yaniv Benhamou
Alumni Relations (ALUM) Karin Byland
Biomedicine/Life Sciences (BIOM) Cem Gabay
Biomedicine/Life Sciences (BIOM) Nicolas Demaurex
Careers of researchers & HR (CARE) Aude Thorel
Careers of researchers & HR (CARE) Caroline Chausson
Crime & Social Control NN
Digital Education (DIGE) Christelle Bozelle
Directors of Communication (COMM) Marco Cattaneo
Diversity (DIVERSITY) Frédéric Darbellay
Diversity (DIVERSITY) Didier Wernli
Doctoral Studies (DOCT) Liliane Zossou
Doctoral Studies (DOCT - Summer School) Liliane Zossou
Dual Use (DUAL USE) NN
Enterprise & Innovation (ENTE) Antoine Geissbühler
Enterprise & Innovation (ENTE) Laurent Miéville
Ethics (ETHI) Christine Clavien
European Research Projects Managers (ERPM) Alex Waehry
Equality, Diversity, Inclusion (EDI) Brigitte Mantilleri
General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Vladan Janjusevic
Implementation of the LERU Open Science Roadmap Gian Paolo Romano
Information & Open Access (INFO) Marie Fuselier
Knowledge Security and Foreign Interference (KSFI) Stéphane Berthet
Knowledge Security and Foreign Interference (KSFI) Pierre l'Hostis - Guillaume Jadeau
Law (LAW) Bénédict Foëx
Learning & Teaching (LEAR) Micheline Louis-Courvoisier
Nagoya ABS (Nagoya ABS) Emerson Ferreira Queiroz
Nagoya ABS (Nagoya ABS) Jean-Luc Wolfender
Natural Sciences (NATU) Costanza Bonadonna
Philanthropy (PHIL) Christiane Fux
Protection of Animals Used for Scientific Purposes (ANIM) Elsa Giobellina
Research (RESE) Brigitte Galliot
Research Integrity (INTE) Samia Hurst - NN
Senior Officers (SON) Olivier Vincent
Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHU) Jean-Michel Bonvin
Social Sciences & Humanities (SSHU) Alexander Keese
Teacher Training NN
Theology & Religious Studies (THRS) Andreas Dettwiler
University Development Cooperation and Sustainability (DEV/SUST) Jean-Marc Triscone