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Health Education Specialist

Health courses in a refugee context: The University of Geneva’s Faculty of Medicine contributes to InZone’s academic offer with three courses: two Moodle-based courses in basic medical education and community health care and one blended learning course in public health (One-Health). 

The Faculty of Medicine is currently reassessing its contribution to InZone and aims to develop a new blended learning Certificate of Open Studies in Community Health specifically designed to address refugees’ needs. The future certificate will address both local healthcare needs and the wider existing needs of origin and resettlement countries. Concise and practice-oriented, the certificate course, which is to include 10 modules, should be stackable and facilitate access to ancillary professions/functions in high demand by healthcare service providers.

In-Zone is looking for one health education specialist consultant to support InZone and the Faculty of Medicine in developing such Certificate of Open Studies in Community Health.

Primary Working Goal of the Consultant

design a 10-module online course in Community Health for refugees currently living in camps in the Middle East and Africa. The consultant will develop the modules leveraging existing pedagogic material with the support of a learning specialist and project partners (the University of Geneva’s Faculty of Medicine, King’s College London and the International Federation of the Red Cross). 


An interactive 250 hours online course in Community Health spanning 10 modules and adhering to the annexed curriculum.  

Timeline: The consultancy shall start as soon as possible. The estimated number of days to produce the deliverables is 50 days.

Working Language: English.

Location: No preference.

Profile of the Consultant: the Consultant should be a health education specialist who has experience in community health in low- and middle-income countries.   

Applications: please send your application including your CV, a short description (2 pages max.) of the methodology proposed and a budget estimate to Lou Pisani:Lou.Pisani(at)

 Deadline: the deadline for application is the 27h of January 2022 midnight.

Health Education Specialist
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