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Language Pathways for Academic Preparedness in Niamey

The newly inaugurated InZone Learning Centre in Niamey, Niger, has officially commenced the academic year with the Language Pathways: the English and French programmes aimed at enhancing refugee students’ language skills in view of enrolling in higher education courses.

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 An enthusiastic and highly motivated audience of Niamey learners (representing various nationalities, such as... ) has attended the virtual presentation of the Language Pathways. The English and French programmes are supported by an international team of volunteer tutors and University of Geneva alumni.
InZone is grateful to its academic partners, Arizona State University and PrepMyFuture, for allowing refugee learners access to their online curricula. Equally, we fully appreciate the value of the tutor team working with learners to help them achieve the necessary proficiency to achieve their academic goals.
InZone looks forward to working alongside its operational partner, Yara LNC Suisse to extend its academic offer to its Niamey audience in 2023 and 2024.

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