Launch of a Community Health Worker course in Azraq refugee camp

Addressing Covid-19 lock-down challenges to higher education:

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Asraq Refugee Camp in Lockdown

 InZone launches Module 2 of the Community Health Care Workers course in Azraq refugee camp, Jordan 

 InZone is pleased to announce the launch of Module 2 of the Community Health Care Workers training, a 12-week course offered in 2019 in partnership with the Faculty of Medicine RAFT program at University of Geneva, which offers basic theoretical and practical knowledge related to health promotion and management of health problems in Azraq - notably chronic diseases, mother and child health, and mental health. 

Despite the current lockdown, fifteen refugee students will have the opportunity to follow the course online, with the support of an Arabic-speaking tutor - a fourth-year medical student at University of Geneva - and to take their final exam on a digital platform.

To support learning during the pandemic, InZone has created a flexible learning ecosystem to combine the academic expertise at the Faculty of Medicine, learning technology and local facilitation: students will be assisted by onsite facilitators selected from the most promising graduates from Module 1.

An attempt has been made to lower the language barrier, as for the first time Arabic will be the language of tuition.  Adam Alexandre Ibrahim explains: “I’m delighted to participate in a learning process that I hope will be a wonderful opportunity for people that face very difficult living conditions. I believe this will be a very enriching experience and I look forward meeting the students”.  

InZone is grateful to all the stakeholders that have made this possible: the Faculty of Medicine at University of Geneva, Ford Foundation, our implementing partner CARE, and the local management team, composed of former InZone students who are refugee camp residents. Their commitment to facilitate the launch of a course during the lockdown is a real inspiration to higher education providers striving to overcome the physical barriers imposed by the pandemic.

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