New One Health Programme in Kakuma

InZone is happy to announce that a new session of the One Health programme by the Institute of Global Health of the Faculty of Medecine at the UNIGE, will roll out in parallel in Geneva and in our campus in Kenya, located at the heart of Kakuma Refugee Camp. 

On september 21, 13 refugee students will start this programme that combines (I) The Interdisciplinary and multi-expert MOOC on “Global Health at the Human-Animal-Ecosystem interface” which has enrolled 7,770 people since its creation in 2017; (II) peer-to-peer learning involving students from University of Geneva Master of science in Global Health and research collaborations around specific and locally-relevant problems; (III) online mentoring and lecturing by experts from the Institute of Global Health of the University of Geneva in Kakuma. 

The previous session of theprogramme led to the development of 5 student-led collaborative projects which focused on the conception of a community-based monitoring system for prevalent diseases in the camp. The pedagogic approach provides an overview on Global Health challenges at the human-animal-ecosystem interface and the importance of the One Health approach, and introduces students to scientific research through interdisciplinary and international collaborations and innovation. The programme ultimately aims at building local knowledge and capacity fostering “One Health” champions to reinforce the local and national health system. More information in our recently published paper One Health education in Kakuma refugee camp (Kenya): From a MOOC to projects on real world challenges


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