A community of fledgling computer programmers develops in Azraq

InZone’s learning centre in Azraq refugee camp hosted the graduation ceremony for eleven students enrolled in the “Introduction to Computer Programming” pilot course, which covers Javascript, HTML/CSS and SQL. The programme, which started in 2021, aims at creating a growing pool of adults who could, over time and with academic guidance provided by InZone, apply their skills to engineering OERs and tools to support educational programmes within the camp.

Moreover, by offering computer programming courses InZone aims at creating curricula and supporting technologies which could be used more broadly outside Azraq. Computer programming features regularly as one of the most desirable subjects in surveys conducted in the local community, as it increases the chance of securing a livelihood opportunity.

 The students followed a series of online modules offered by Khan Academy and joined a peer-supported network at the learning centre, which was created and managed by InZone’s local team. Crucially, students had regular access to guidance and supervision from InZone’s Senior Advisor, Dr. Piotr Mitros, who has kindly volunteered his time and extensive expertise to support their learning journey.

 Programmers Azraq.jpg

In 2022, InZone will continue to offer the Introduction to Computer Programming course to new cohorts. Advanced JS courses, including the “Simulations” and the “Games & Visualisations” tracks, will be open to current students wishing to strengthen their coding skills. For the most motivated among them, the next step will be learning how to create websites.


InZone warmly congratulates the 2022 graduates!

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