Refugee Capstone Project - Resilience

 Resilience seen through the perspective of refugees: InZone launches an online course created in co-authorship with Syrian learning designers

  InZone is pleased to announce the launch of a self-study e-learning module on resilience, written and

developed by refugee learning designers based in Azraq camp, Jordan.

 The e-learning module is the capstone project of an ambitious, multi-year pilot initiative on learning design skills in fragile contexts, which started in 2019 with a group of Syrian refugees based in Azraq. The aim of the initiative is twofold: to acquire basic learning design skills and to explore a topic of which refugees have extensive direct experience, in a format that is accessible to the wider public. The result is an online course that looks at resilience from a perspective that is seldom considered: that of refugees themselves.

 The course presents the major theoretical frameworks - such as the Harvard and Casel SEL frameworks - developed around the concept of resilience, moving from individual resilience to community resilience. The goal is to help learners map pathways to develop resilience in their own community.

 Although the course was primarily designed for a refugee audience - the authors intended to address communities around the world coping with challenging life circumstances, in camps or urban settlements - its content speaks to anyone wishing to know more about the topic, and benefit from the knowledge and experience of those who have had to develop it out of sheer necessity. 

 The authors - Mariam Al Mousa, Esraa Hamdam, Kawkab Al Mousa, Moutasem Tatari and Dalia Alsabra - explain: “This project means a lot to us, as it stems from our daily experience. Exposure to calamities or sudden crises in life is inevitable, and there is no way to avoid them when they strike. What we can do, instead, is mitigate its impact on us, our families and society, by equipping ourselves with the right knowledge and skills to develop resilience. This is what we hope this course will do for people, wherever they are and in whichever circumstances they find themselves in”.

 InZone is grateful to the Ford Foundation for its support, and proud to have worked with the team of Azraq learning designers on such an innovative project, which brings the voice of refugee authors and resilience experts to the public. Furthermore, it does so in a language that is native to millions of refugees and displaced persons around the world.

 “Regardless of age, gender or personal

situation, in a time of crisis we cannot always rely on our own strength; we need a shoulder to lean on and a hand that helps us rise again and accept the new reality. This course is designed to do just that.” - The authors

 The course in English

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