Launch of the InZone Webinar Series


InZone is proud to announce to launch of the InZone Webinar Series. This series is specifically offered to refugees in the world. We are honored to have Prof Michel Mayor, 2019 Nobel Prize Winner in astrophysics, as our first speaker. On 22 May 2023, refugees will be able to attend this webinar either in our InZone hubs in Kakuma, Azraq and Niamey or directly online. For more information,  contact inzone(at)unige.ch.


Other worlds in the cosmos? 

The search for planets similar to our Earth and ... perhaps harbouring Life! 


28 years ago we discovered the first planet orbiting a star very similar to our Sun. Since then, several thousand planetary systems have been detected. These discoveries have revealed an astonishing diversity of planetary systems. 

A host of new instruments on the ground or on board space missions are opening up new perspectives for characterising exoplanets. 

Combining various techniques, it is now possible to study their mass, their size, the chemical composition of these planets and their atmospheres, etc. 

But already research is turning towards a more dizzying question: does life exist elsewhere in the universe?  

Do we have the means to answer this fascinating question? 

Thanks to technology, we are turning this ancient dream of humanity into a fascinating field of astrophysics today.


Michel Mayor is emeritus professor at the Geneva University.   After his studies in physics at Lausanne University he obtained a PhD in astrophysics at Geneva  

University.  His researches and instrumental developments have been at the origin of his interest  to search for extrasolar planets. In 1995, with Didier Queloz, one of his students, they have discovered the first exoplanet  hosted by a solar type star. This discovery  had  profound consequences for the the physics of the planetary formation . With his team, they have been able to detect several hundreds planets, some of them with masses comparable to our own Earth.  

Michel Mayor is a foreign member of the French Academy of Sciences and the US National Academy of Sciences. In 2019, he shared  the Nobel Prize of Physics with Jim Peebles and Didier Queloz.

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