Learning Support

Becoming an on-site facilitator

The re-design of the learning eco-system to include support structures is all part of a shift towards a pedagogical approach centered upon the student for online learning.

This is particularly true for learning in low-resource environments and fragile contexts, as interrupted education pathways, psychological trauma, and challenges related to forced displacement, require complex support structures if students are to succeed in their online learning. Accordingly, online tutors and online facilitators emerge as key actors who foster digital learning, facilitate course interaction, motivate students, provide constructive feedback, support self-regulated learning, monitor student progress, solve basic technology problems, as well as initiate and develop local onsite and global online learning communities.

The two short courses for online tutors and onsite facilitators encapsulate InZone’s decade-long experience in designing, implementing and researching Higher Education in Emergencies (HEiE) through digital and blended learning. They provide an introduction to online tutoring and onsite facilitation of digital learning and are offered as Open Educational Resources (OERs) to build capacity in the field. This work has in part been made possible thanks to the generosity of our donors – Ford Foundation, Open Society Foundations, Fondation HUG, whose support in producing public goods is gratefully acknowledged.

InZone's introduction to onsite-facilitation is available in English and in French.



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