Watch YouTube Q&A with ICRC Director-General

On September 1, ICRC Director-General Yves Daccord took part in a live Q&A session on YouTube.

The Q&A session was part of the ICRC’s first-ever Open Day in Geneva, which gave visitors an opportunity to visit the ICRC headquarters and gain a deeper insight into the organization’s work.

People contributed questions from all over the world, asking Yves Daccord about a wide range of topics, including the ICRC’s response to Syria’s humanitarian crisis and the way humanitarian action has changed over the last ten years.

“Access for organizations like the ICRC… has become more difficult,” said Daccord. “You can see that humanitarian action is less welcome than it was ten years ago.”

Daccord said that this was the result of a perception that humanitarian organizations may provide cover for “a different agenda”.

The increasing use of communication technology has also meant that aid recipients are more demanding now, Daccord pointed out.

“This is challenging and difficult, but sometimes also very positive, because it allows us to adapt and professionalize our services,” he said.

Among the newer activities carried out by the ICRC have been forensic services, psychological support and even veterinary care for livestock.

Among the other topics touched upon by Daccord are how the ICRC is securing funding amid the global economic downturn, and the safety and security of humanitarian workers in the world’s increasingly dangerous hotspots.

To watch the hour-long interview, click here.

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