Madrid Conference Explores Interpreter Ethics

InZone is to take part in the International Conference on Public Service Interpreting and Translation at the University of Alcalà (UAH), Madrid on 3-4 April 2014.

Adressing ethics and ideology in situations of conflict, the conference is organised by the Training and Research Group on Public Service Translation and Interpreting (FITISPos-UAH).

Speaking at the event will be Leïla Kherbiche, InZone Doctoral Assistant, Alice Johnson, Director of the Community Interpreter Project and InZone tutor, Kerstin Mercer, Applied Drama Practitioner, and Nayla Younes, from Lebanese University, with a presentation on interpreter ethics in the field and ethics training.

Faced by a number of challenges, both professional and emotional, field interpreters have to make what are often instant decisions in extremely difficult situations.

Against this backdrop, ethics is to be understood as a fluid practice, which requires interpreters to adapt to the context, rather than to apply a rigid set of rules.

This is reflected in ethics training, where “bottom-up” approaches have proved to be the most effective, enabling trainee interpreters to tap into their knowledge and previous experience when facing ethically challenging situations.

Applied drama, In particular, provides a safe space where trainees can develop the skills and the contextual understanding that can guide them in their work.

Bringing together more than 50 researchers, scholars, language professionals and public service authorities, the conference – in its 5th edition – will involve plenary lectures, round tables and workshops.

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