Geneva Summer School: Higher Education in Emergencies 29.06.-07.07.2015

InZone offers its first Summer School on Higher Education in Emergencies 29.06.-07.07.2015

GSS: Higher Education in Emergencies. Apply now!

This summer school will provide participants with a conceptual framework for Higher Education in Emergencies by examining education as a human right and the education-fragility nexus, and by analysing higher education as a humanitarian response. Within that framework participants will then examine design and development of Higher Education opportunities by focusing on four different, yet interrelated dimensions: 1) Access to higher education and techno-pedagogical support, including on-site and virtual tutoring and mentoring schemes; 2) Quality of virtual learning in fragility, including learning platforms, curriculum design, training of trainers and tutors schemes, learning and accreditation and credentialing schemes, partnerships with local universities; 3) Mapping of higher education domains of relevance to learners in fragility within the framework of 21st Century Skills; and 4) On-the-ground/in-the-field management/implementation models and interface to educational institutions.

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