INEE launches new Journal on Education in Emergencies

Peer-reviewed scientific journal will inform policy and practice

The Inter-Agency Network for Education in Emergencies has just launched the new Journal on Education in Emergencies. As the Editor-in-Chief, Dana Burde, points out:

Rigorous research on EiE interventions and related topics remains scarce and diffuse, which makes it difficult for practitioners to find and apply up-to-date information in the field and difficult for scholars to build a body of knowledge and theory.

To address these shortcomings, the peer-reviewed scientific journal aims to

  • Stimulate research and debate to build evidence and collective knowledge about EiE;
  • Promote learning across service-delivery organizations, and policy and academic institutions informed by evidence;
  • Define knowledge gaps and key trends to inform future research;
  • Publish rigorous scholarly and practitioner work that will set standards for evidence in the field.

InZone fully supports the production of scientific evidence as it relates to Higher Education in Emergencies. We thus welcome this new scientific journal, and look forward to reading and contributing to future issues.

Full text of the first issue

Launch note

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