InZone and FLUX Laboratory to Run Arts Workshops in Kakuma Refugee Camp

Pioneering arts program promotes Higher Education Space in Kakuma

This October, InZone is partnering with Flux Laboratory to run a series of arts workshops for students enrolled in higher education programs in Kakuma Refugee Camp.

The projects seek to bring to life InZone’s larger vision to create a Higher Education Space in Kakuma. Complementing the InZone Learning Hub and InZone Café, these new workshops represent InZone’s first creative programming in Kakuma.

InZone believes that higher education is not simply about taking classes or pursuing a degree. Rather, education encompasses social, artistic and cultural expression. The workshops will therefore allow participants to discover and develop their untapped creative potential, forging an intercultural dialogue through dance, theater, and other forms of creative expression.

The fortnight-long workshop will be led by Flux’s Cisco Aznar and InZone’s Kerstin Mercer. Aznar, a renowned choreographer who has worked in other challenging contexts, including the slums of Brazil, will run dance workshops, whereas Mercer, a storyteller and director, will teach applied drama and creative writing.

Stay tuned for video clips from the workshops!

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