InZone launches MOOC Learning Center in Kakuma Refugee Camp

This October, InZone opened the doors to its MOOC Learning Center in Kakuma Refugee Camp.

The Center – the brainchild of a refugee learner whose idea was shortlisted in the 2015 IDEO Amplify Education Challenge – is designed to help refugees acquire knowledge related to conflict-resolution, which they can apply to their communities.

A blended learning approach adopts human-centered methodology for non-formal higher education in emergencies. After taking MOOCs onsite at the Center, learners participate in a series of forums and workshops on interpersonal and intercultural conflict management, developing communication and negotiation skills to turn differences into opportunities.

The first course offered by the center, Le Bien, Le Juste, l’Utile: Introduction aux éthiques philosophiques, was developed by the University of Geneva and represents the first French-language higher education program in Kakuma Refugee Camp. In addition to onsite workshops and debates, participants recently held a joint virtual class with professors based in Geneva. Students who successfully complete the MOOC and pass the final exam may receive course credit from the University of Geneva.

Link to course


Photo: Participants in the first cohort of the MOOC Learning Center

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