Kakuma students awarded university credit for French-language MOOC on ethics

 First French-language course in Kakuma Refugee Camp

InZone is pleased to announce that 18 learners in the MOOC Learning Center in Kakuma Refugee Camp completed the French-language ethics course Le Bien, Le Juste, l’Utile: Introduction aux éthiques philosophiques.

During the course, which was offered by the University of Geneva, students watched video presentations, read articles, completed online quizzes and met in person at the InZone Café to debate modern ethical challenges.

In the final week of the course, University of Geneva Professor François Dermange visited Kakuma, engaged with students around a series of case studies that considered the ethical challenges of the refugee context, and proctored final exams.

Graduates received three ECTS credits, which can be applied towards any University of Geneva bachelor's degree. Students who write a dissertation for the course can received three additional ECTS credits.

This first MOOC course also serves as an entryway into full-fledged degree programs, and InZone is currently mentoring graduates as they continue their education and prepare to enroll in one of the University of Geneva’s B.A. programs.

We are delighted by the outcome of this first French-language Higher Education course in Kakuma, and look forward to the continued successes of the MOOC Learning Center.

Graduates of the French-language MOOC on Ethics in Kakuma Refugee Camp, pictured alongside University of Geneva Professor François Dermange

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