Podcast: How do we provide higher education to people in conflict settings?

InZone featured in Aidpreneur episode - now available on demand

InZone's director, Professor Barbara Moser-Mercer, was recently interviewed on the Aidpreneur podcast with Stephen Lodek.

As Stephen puts it:
"For most of us, a critical factor in creating a sustainable and satisfying career is the formal education we acquire. In the development and aid space, a master’s degree from a credible institution is really the minimum bar for even an entry level position at any top shelf organization. Access to this type of education, and its benefits, are things many of us simply take for granted.

But what if your community were caught in the grips of conflict? Or what if you find yourself growing up in camp for displaced people? Or what if higher education infrastructure just simply doesn’t exist in your neck of the woods?"*
To hear our answers to these questions and learn about InZone's work on Higher Education in Emergencies, check out the podcast!

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