Students awarded scholarships for Higher Education in Emergencies summer school

Geneva’s International Solidarity Service funds tuition for students from across the Middle East and Africa

Thanks to the generous support of Geneva’s International Solidarity Service (SSI), twelve students from across the Middle East and Africa have received scholarships to attend the Geneva Summer Schools Higher Education in Emergencies (HEiE) course this June.

Co-directed by InZone, at the University of Geneva’s Global Studies Institute, and the UN Refugee Agency (UNHCR), this is the first course focusing on post-secondary education in emergency and protracted settings. It comprises modules on International Law and Policy, Digital Learning, Programme Design and Implementation, Research on HEiE and Monitoring and Evaluation. Participants also complete Capstone Projects in which they grapple with real-world cases and receive feedback from an expert jury on their solutions.

The first edition of the HEiE course, held in the summer of 2015, was also supported by the SSI, a service of the State of Geneva's Presidential Department. Participants included higher education actors active in emergency settings across Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. Graduates have gone on to use new HEiE skills for organizations including UNICEF, the British Council, Kepler University, and Edraak, the Arabic-language MOOC platform.

InZone wishes to express its gratitude to the SSI for their generous support, and looks forward to welcoming the general public to the public events held in the context of this summer school, which will also be webcast.

For further details on these public events, watch this space or sign up for InZone’s mailing list.

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