Applied Arts—Yearbook

InZone Applied Arts—Yearbook of Projects 2017-18


KakumaArts2017-18-Yearbook_450.png InZone’s MOOCs4Peace Center includes the Kakuma Applied Arts program. Applied Arts practitioners are trained onsite and and online to employ the arts as a means of extending the benefits of higher education to the wider refugee community.
Many projects are based on an InZone MOOC, others are focused on exploring other topics or developing 21st Century Skills that build social and emotional health into the community.
Practitioners began developing and running these arts projects at the end of 2016. This is our Applied Arts Yearbook for 2017-2018. It’s a snapshot of the 21 projects they’ve run in Kakuma over the last two years. It includes details on the projects and their participants, as well as photos and reflections from the practitioners and participants.









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