Building Resilient HE-Spaces for Displaced Populations

Dear NLG and NetHope community,

Thank you for joining the NLG Tech Task Force webinar, hosted by the NetHope Solutions Center, Building Resilient Higher Education Spaces for Displaced Populations.
A big thank you to our speakers Barbara Moser-Mercer, Director, UNIGE-InZone, Ellen Jackowski, Global Head of Sustainability Strategy & Innovation, HP, Paul O’Keeffe, Postdoctoral researcher, UNIGE-InZone, and Innocent Ntumba Tshilombo, IT lead, InZone Refugee Management Team in Kakuma for an excellent presentation and discussion featuring UNIGE-HP partnership and two UNIGE-InZone projects: Azraq Refugee Camp in Jordan, and Kakuma Refugee Camp in Kenya.  
InZone, an academic center at the University of Geneva, is focused on building higher education spaces in refugee contexts. InZone partners with UN agencies, NGOs, private sector companies such as HP, and higher education institutions such as MIT to design, implement, and scientifically validate learner-centered and technology-supported pedagogical models. These partnerships empower refugee students to participate in formal and non-formal higher education across different disciplines, and to use technology to develop R&D projects in the field of public health, human rights and administration of justice, engineering and the arts.
Key topics from this session included:

  • A guide and program design for setting up higher education spaces and learning ecosystems in refugee contexts;
  • Research and recommendations for fostering refugee ownership and empowerment for ensuring the sustainability of HE spaces in fragile contexts and for fostering creativity and innovation;
  • Partnership opportunities.

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You will find the link to the WebEx recording along with the presentation materials and links to relevant resources on the webinar landing page at the NetHope Solutions Center. Feel free to share it with colleagues!
Should you have follow-up questions or want to get in touch, please contact the presenters or Leila Toplic directly:

  • Barbara Moser-Mercer, Director, UNIGE-InZone – Barbara.Moser(at)
  • Ellen Jackowski, Global Head of Sustainability Strategy & Innovation, HP – ellen.jackowski(at)
  • Paul O’Keeffe, Postdoctoral researcher, UNIGE-InZone – Paul.Okeeffe(at)
  • Innocent Ntumba Tshilombo, IT lead, InZone Refugee Management Team in Kakuma - tshilscom(at)
  • Leila Toplic, NLG Tech Task Force – leila.toplic(at)

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