InZone Applied Human Rights students in Kakuma create a training on Children's rights

Since November 2017, InZone’s advanced human rights students in Kakuma refugee camp have been studying the first edition of the course “Applied Human Rights” - a practical human rights course following the methodology of a legal clinic. The aim of this program is to implement an academic human rights project each year in Kakuma. For the first edition, the “Applied Human Rights” students built a project around education and the  basics of children’s rights according to customary law, Kenyan law and international law for zone leaders and community elders in the camp.

Since the programme’s start in September 2018, InZone students in Kakuma have been benefiting from the support of legal clinic students from the University of Geneva and Kenyatta University. The three teams of students collaborated from September 2018 to March 2019 to create a one-week training on children’s rights in Kakuma refugee camp. Field research was conducted looking at some of the most pressing issues regarding children in the camp: the hearing process, sexual violence and early marriage, as well as access to education for all.

35 community elders and zone leaders from 10 different nationalities participated in this training, which was held from March 25th to 29th 2019. It allowed the sharing of knowledge and facilitated the discussion of concrete steps needed to take in order to improve the implementation of children’s rights in Kakuma.

This booklet is designed as a toolkit for the participants in the training. It contains an explanation of the ‘best interests of the child’ principle, as well as legal bases and relevant information regarding each theme of the training in Kiswahili and English. It also provides a significant platform for the main recommendations made by the community elders and zone leaders who participated in the program.

InZone would like to thank all the students involved in this course and all the participants who took part in the training. A special thanks to Aurore Peirolo and Jérémie Heussi for the drafting of this booklet.

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