Summer School HEiE


UNIGE’s Geneva Summer School Higher Education in Emergencies and Crises is currently taking place in Kenya. Over two weeks, professionals from the field of Education in Emergencies (EiE), as well as students of some 12 nationalities – including refugees – working in a dozen fragile contexts, have been brought together by the University of Geneva to study, analyse and search for responses to the major issues involved in access to university education in crisis zones. Covering modules on law and education policy in fragile contexts, the fundamentals of digital learning, the design and implementation of university teaching in emergencies and crises, as well as monitoring, evaluation and scientific research methodologies, the participants are accompanied for a whole fortnight by professionals from higher education, international organizations and NGOs, who work both in the field and within recognized institutions.

Organized by InZone – a centre of the University of Geneva specialized in university education in refugee camps – the Geneva Summer School Higher Education in Emergencies and Crises is being run for the first time between the campus of Kenyatta University in Nairobi and Kakuma refugee camp, where InZone has been operating for several years. In this way, the participants of this Summer School have an opportunity to contextualize directly the knowledge acquired over the first week of studies in Nairobi. They are also meeting and discussing with UNIGE refugee students following various courses offered through InZone in collaboration with the Faculty of medicine and the Law faculty, such as Basic Medical Training, OneHealth and Human Rights. UNIGE graduate students support refugee students registered in these courses on-line throughout their studies.

The Geneva Summer School Higher Education in Emergencies and Crises is co-organized by the University of Geneva and UNHCR, in cooperation with Kenyatta University.

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