InZone’s Higher Education programme in Jordan leads to digital work opportunities in the field of translation and interpreting

HINTT class 2020.jpeg


The most promising graduates from the Diploma Course in Humanitarian Translation and Interpreting, jointly taught by the University of Geneva and the University of Yarmouk, witness their translation and interpreting career speed tracked by the training their have received, which makes them competitive candidates for the digital language service market.

 The Diploma Course is a unique degree in Jordan and a pioneering educational offer for the MENA region. Crucially, it offers a combination of contextualised translation and interpreting training to fragile populations in refugee camps, which has no precedent in the region.

The first edition of the course has been offered to 15 refugee students from Azraq camp and 10 disadvantage Jordanians. Notwithstanding the logistical difficulties posed by Covid restrictions, which have prevented the students from regularly attending lectures on campus, the University of Geneva and Yarmouk staff, as well as the remarkably resilient and motivated cohort, have risen to the challenge.

 The newly graduated class has been trained in specialised translation, consecutive and basic simultaneous interpreting skills. The top graduates have already been offered the opportunity to work with a global translation and interpreting provider that exclusively employs refugee freelancers. 

This jointly taught Diploma course provides refugees with an opportunity to market their highly specialised skills and access decent digital livelihood opportunities. For refugees, investing in the language professions not only strengthens communication in fragile contexts, thus benefiting the entire community - it paves the way to professional recognition and digital employability

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