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Azraq Refugee Camp

InZone’s Higher Education Space in Azraq refugee camp was launched in 2016. Building on the success of our Kakuma Higher Education Space, this project has included several initiatives: a Global History Lab, offered in cooperation with Princeton University; an engineering and innovation course, offered by Purdue University in collaboration with InZone; a collaboration with MIT; and InZone's Applied Arts curriculum, offered in partnership with the Flux Foundation. The Azraq Higher Education Space is founded upon the idea that re-thinking higher education - breaking it apart and starting over - requires an innovator’s mindset, and that such a mindset can be nurtured in even the most challenging of settings: a refugee camp. In this way, higher education can help all involved to build back better.

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Azraq Refugee camp (with the InZone hub on the right) during COVID 19 lockdown
 Students taking exams in the InZone hub - June 2021


Current Activities:

-English Enhancement Courses
In collaboration with Padileia (The Partnership for Digital Learning and Increased Access) and Arizona State University, InZone offers a range of online English language courses aimed at developing key language skills to facilitate access to higher education. The MOOC’s are supported by a certified team of international tutors, helping refugee students to develop speaking and writing skills in a fun, collaborative learning environment.

 -Coursera for Refugees
In the context of the InZone Programme hosted by Coursera for Refugees, more than 80 students are enrolled in distant learning programmes supported by the InZone learning eco-system.

 -Learning Engineering Pilot Project
In this multi-year project, we aim to create a growing pool of adults in learning engineering and can apply their skills to engineering OERs and provide technical support for programs within the camp. In the first phase of the polit, we work with parents who wish to support their own children in learning math and other adults who would like to develop a rigourous backgroun in learning engineering.

-Collart-Palmyra Cultural Heritage Workshop
The Collart photographic archives are held by the University of Lausanne. Thanks to the “Collart-Palmyre” project, which started in 2017, the archives served as the basis for the 3D reconstruction of the Baal Shamin temple, designated as World Heritage Site in 1980. The aim of the project is to preserve the memory and cultural heritage of Palmyra to the benefit of present and future generations of Syrians. In collaboration with Syrian residents in Azraq, a team of experts from the University of Lausanne is co-designing a workshop on the history of Palmyra, the Baal Shamin temple, and the connection with traditional local embroidery. InZone supports this pilot project through its local refugee-led management team.  

 Current Partners:


The Partnership for Digital Learning and Increased Access (PADILEIA) 

Arizona State University

Université de Lausanne - Projet Colart-Palmyre



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