Conference Center

Monte Verità was not only historically a meeting place for encounters, discussion and exchange, but it can also in the present day look back on extensive experience as a venue for mulit-day conferences with up to 120 participants. Since 1989, the center “Congressi Stefano Franscini” (ETH Zurich) has been using Monte Verità for conferences, attracting hundreds of researchers from all over the world.


The conference center Monte Verità considers itself a comprehensive study institution with accommodations, conference rooms, a restaurant and parks. Above all the hill has cultural-historical meaning for Europe, since many intellectual trends began in the artist and vegetarian colonies situated there.


The meeting takes place in the conference room “Eranos”. This room is best suited for seminars and meetings of up to 30 participants. Its name is reminiscent of the “Eranos” meetings, a series of events about mysticism, philosophy, mythology, alchemy and astrology, which was dedicated to the exchange of ideas between occident and orient. The main initiators of these meetings were Olga Froebe Kapteyn und Karl Gustav Jung. They ensured that Monte Verità became a magnet for learned society und intellectuals from all over the world in 1933.


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