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Shakespeare in Performance: Study Trip (June 2024)

During this study trip, we will see a number of Shakespeare plays in production, followed by pre- and post-performance discussions, and visit some locations pertinent to Shakespeare’s life and times. The study trip is thus educational and is closely related to the ‘Shakespeare in Performance’ seminars taught in the spring semester. The seminar will focus on the plays that will be seen during the study trip, and students in the ‘Shakespeare in Performance’ seminars will be strongly encouraged to attend the study trip. Students who choose to evaluate the seminar by attestation will be encouraged to write their attestation about aspects of the performances witnessed during the study trip. (However, since the study trip comes at a price, students may be unwilling or unable to participate in it, and so students are free not to sign up for the study trip.) We currently foresee a price of around 200 francs per person (not including travel to or meals whilst in the UK) for those who are enrolled in a ‘Shakespeare in Performance’ seminar. It is currently unclear whether students who are not enrolled in a ‘Shakespeare in Performance’ seminar are eligible for departmental or faculty subsidies, and, if they are, the subsidies will be smaller, so we currently expect that the price for these attendees will be approximately 400 to 600 francs per person.

Enrolment in the trip will be capped, and students who attend the ‘Shakespeare in Performance’ seminars will have priority. Should students who attend these seminars not take up all the available places, other students in the English Department with an educational interest in Shakespeare in performance may be eligible for the study trip.

In order to begin planning this trip, we need to establish the number of attendees. If you are interested in attending this trip, please send an email expressing your interest to shakespeare-in-performance(at) by 5pm on Friday 20th October 2023. A short email will suffice: e.g. “Hello, I am interested in attending the ‘Shakespeare in Performance’ study trip next June”. Please tell us at the same time whether you are planning to attend one of the ‘Shakespeare in Performance’ BA5 seminars in the spring semester. We will then ask you to pay a deposit in November.