Past Events

Conference by Nikolaj Jeffs - 28 November 2013

Within the framework of Martin Leer's seminar on "Nigerian Literature as a Mirror of the Nation" Dr Nikolaj Jeffs, University of Primorska, Slovenia, gave a conference on Fighting Through Writing:  Intertextuality, the Novel and the Nigerian-Biafran War.  The conference took place on Thursday 28 November at 4.15 pm in room B 112 (Uni Bastions - 1st floor).

Nikolai Jeffs received his BA and PhD in Literature from the University of Essex. He has published many essays and articles on subjects ranging from cultural critique to political commentary and has edited publications on africanist and postcolonial studies (Afrike, 2000; Zbornik postkolonialnih študij, 2007). Together with Andrej Pavlišič he is also the coauthor of the Slovene documentary film “We Shall Fight Them”: Howlings on the Old Violence of the New Europe (2004). Nikolai Jeffs currently teaches at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Primorska, Slovenia.

January 15, 2014