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Corinne CLARK

Ms Corinne CLARK

Research and Teaching Assistant

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Corinne Clark completed her Masters in English (650-1550) at the University of Oxford, where she studied at Merton College, and she received her undergraduate degree in English from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge. Corinne possesses a professional background in digital publishing and administrative research support, and she has worked with archives and academics across the UK and North America.


Corinne’s research interests range from hagiography and disability theory to scribal transmission and romance. She is particularly interested in exploring medieval literary approaches to the body and the intersection between medicine, emotion, and religious practice. Her thesis investigates early Middle English devotional literature and global medieval approaches to physiology and cognition, with a focus on the thirteenth-century Wooing Group. She has upcoming publications in the Journal of the Early Book Society, Nottingham Medieval Studies and Oxford Research in English. Her work on scribal variation in the manuscripts of Thomas of Erceldoune was shortlisted for the Medium Ævum essay prize.


'Romancing the Eildon Stone: Scribal Dislocations in Thomas of Erceldoune', Lost Manuscripts and Printed Books I Panel (EBS), 58th International Congress on Medieval Studies, Kalamazoo, May 2023

‘Cultural literacies and Corporeal Palimpsests: Exploring Parallel Conversations with Divinity and Liquidity in Early Islamic and Middle English Devotional Literature’, Conversations, Oxford English Graduate Conference, June 2022

‘Gasts and Gaps: The Gast of Gy and manuscript depictions of ghosts and revenants’, Spirits and Spirituality in Medieval Britain and Ireland C. 600 – 1400, University of Nottingham, March 2022


Medieval Literature and Comparative Literature